Wise chain consulting

Supply Chain & Logistics Consultancy & Architecture design on E2open and Infor Nexus Platforms

Consulting & architecture - E2open & Infor Nexus

We provide expertise in evaluating, designing in concept or architecting in detail on platforms of:

  1. E2open (www.e2open.com) - solutions of Supply management, Supply Chain planning, Global Logistics Orchestration & TMS, Demand Sensing, Inventory Optimization, Global Trade Management, In Transit Visibility, Inttra as ocean portal
  2. Infor Nexus (ex GT Nexus - https://www.infor.com/solutions/scm/infor-nexus) - Procure2Pay, SCF, TMS and logistics visibility 

Expertise area

Supply chains

Demand forecasting, supply planning, supply chain network setup and design, supply procurement and onboarding as well as related compliance are important topics on inbound part of value chain. Wise Chain provides consulting, transformation consulting and tool advisory to small and large BCOs and trading companies. 

Trade compliance

Shipping and trading in complex regulatory environments into and from "difficult" countries - that is our world today. Areas such as Export controls, Import process, denied party lists and sanctions, bonded processing or trading documents are topics of today. Wise Chain can assist, evaluate and advice how to automate such procedures, point out risks and opportunities as well as advice how to implement any of the numerous FTAs. 

Expertise area


Last years shows us how fragile our logistics setup of globalized world is, sensitive on fuel pricing, labor falling off sick and trade regulation as well as large digitalization swing. Wise Chain provides strong expertise in area of logistics design and optimization, setup, execution, visibility and monitoring. 

Logistics service providers

Logistics Service Providers stands in front of large challenge and unprecendented opportunity to transform itself and its services via full and automated digitalization. At the same time LSPs are conservative in new technology addoption. Wise Chain also consults in area how to transform LSP business and bring new value to its customers via new technologies or trends. 

expertise area

blockchain networks

What are the key use cases of blockchain networks in logistics, trade and supply chain, which networks are there and what key value customers can realise by using blockchain - such questions are dealt with at Wise Chain Consulting. 


Wise Chain Consulting offers various types of services in digitalization of broader supply chain.

  • consulting
  • advisory
  • project execution
  • industry expertise
  • POCs and selections


supply chain / logistics / trade and blockchain consulitng and advisory, value case development and prooving, KPI setup & management education

project execution

Software selection, RFI/RFP execution, value monitoring and realization, transformation project staging and change management


Logistics and supply chain digitalization, Proof of Concept setup and execution in general digitalization or in blockchain arena


Jakub ctvrtnicek

supply chain, logistics and blockchain expert

Jakub runs his own consultancy in fields of supply chain design, planning, logistics and execution, trade compliancy and suply chain data now since 2017. His 18+ years expertise from various transformational projects and initiatives brings value and insights to his clients and partners. Jakub has been working in major 3 supply chain software firms and can also bring value in shaping out the transformations journey via software adoption.