1. discussion panel on blockchain 

October 2021 Jakub has chaired 2 expert panels at Logistics event WOF on topics of "Blockchain in Global Trade" and of "IOT Visibility enabled by decentralised ledger technology". We had other speakers from E&Y, IOTA.org, Vienna Economic University and othersBelow full recordings available. 

2. Industry supply chain insights - letters & Insights 

Published Articles & Insights - Industry best practises and recomendations: 

3. Webinars / Online content  

Logistics Control Tower, upstream and downstream visiblity or blockchain webinars on demand

Will blockchain technology revolutionize Global trade?

Webinar on behalf of Amber Road back in 2018. 

Control Tower webinar 

On behalf of Amber Road, back in 2018

4. fit solution proposals

Solution outline and proposal. Collaborating with large LSP on solution to retail customers applying concept of demand driven inventory logistics operation

Section 1:

5. Supply chain needs in retail and apparel

Analyses based on Gartner report 2020 for Retail and apparel. Prepared for Maersk Logistics and Services field sales people.